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 Oh no! MMA in the state of Georgia is suspended!

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PostSubject: Oh no! MMA in the state of Georgia is suspended!   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:07 pm

Quote :
Atlanta, Georgia is the place I've inadvertantly decided to call home
for the last ten years or so and I've grown to like and enjoy living
here and watching the local combat sports community grow exponentially
over the last few years. Therefore, the news that MMA in Georgia is now suspended indefinitely makes me wish our secretary of state would take a barefoot walk on a carpet made of live chiggers.

The MMA community in Georgia is in an uproar today thanks to the
failure of the Secretary of State to appoint someone to take Andy
Foster's spot as Executive Director of the Georgia Athletic Commission.
Georgia's loss of board commissioner might be California's embattled
commission's gain, but as a result the entire fight economy in the state
of Georgia has been put in an indefiinite holding pattern until the
Secretary of State here decides to recognize the importance of
appointing a new director.

This means all future fight events to be put in a state of limbo for
2013 until a new director is appointed. At this time this issue seems of
little importance to the Secretary of State, but the fighters and
promoters that butter their bread and pay their bills with revenue
earned from these events are in an uproar. The gym where I trane UFC was
riddled with worry faced fighters last night. All of them buzzing about
having to travel out of state to take fights in the coming months in
order to put money in their wallets and experience in their record

In an effort to attempt to show the Secretary of State that the lack
of combat sports in Georgia is going to negatively affect many people
and is the wrong direction to take in an ever growing revenue generating
sport, Jose Santiago from the local cable MMA and combat sports TV show
called Inside Punch and Publisher of Georgis fighters magazine is
creating a video compilation to send to the Secretary of State as a show
of combat sports support.


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Oh no! MMA in the state of Georgia is suspended!
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